Elevating our daily happiness sensitivity.

Our core value lies in enhancing the daily happiness experienced by individuals in both Japan and Taiwan.
Furthermore, we aspire to advocate for a lifestyle that fosters the discovery of joy in one's immediate surroundings and within oneself.
At the heart of our approach is the concept of “happiness sensitivity.”
By promoting this philosophy, we aim to introduce a way of life that elevates awareness and appreciation of happiness, bridging cultures from Japan to Taiwan and vice versa, ultimately enriching the everyday lives of people.



As a trading company focused on facilitating Japan-Taiwan trade, let's heighten everyone's daily happiness sensitivity.

Founded in 2009, our company originated as the Japanese arm of Uni-President Enterprises Group, a prominent Taiwanese conglomerate.
Initially serving as a liaison office, our primary goal was to immerse ourselves in Japanese trends and business practices, thereby aiding the development of Uni-President Enterprises Group operations in Taiwan.
Over time, our role expanded, and we transitioned into a trading entity facilitating import and export activities between Japan and Taiwan.
The bond between Japan and Taiwan is unique and warm―with nearly 5 million Taiwanese visitors to Japan annually, Taiwan consistently ranks as one of Japan's most sought-after international travel destinations.
Taiwan embraces diversity and cherishes the pursuit of simple joys in everyday life, reflecting a culture that celebrates variety.
We are dedicated to fostering and strengthening our connection with Taiwan, endeavoring to conduct business in a manner that fosters mutual understanding and cultivates bridges between our two nations.
From Japan to Taiwan, and from Taiwan to Japan, our aspiration is for numerous individuals, commodities, and cultures to intersect harmoniously. Through these interactions, we strive to enhance the daily happiness of all those associated with us.
Such a vision encapsulates the essence of the business and the company we endeavor to become.

Satoshi Oka
President Chain Store Tokyo Marketing Corp.

Profile of the CEO

1970 Born in Osaka prefecture
1993 Joined Sumitomo Corporation.
He gained business experience in the areas of food, retail, agricultural supplies, and business investment.
He has a total of 10 years of overseas experience in Southeast Asia and Europe.
September 2022 Appointed as CEO of the Company, aiming to become a trading company with happiness sensitivity specialized in the Taiwan-Japan business.

What is PTM

A food and lifestyle trading company fostering happiness connections between Japan and Taiwan.

President Chain Store Tokyo Marketing Corp. (PTM) is a specialized trading company bridging Japan and Taiwan, dedicated to developing import/export trade connections between the two countries.
Our team comprises experts deeply familiar with the nuances of Taiwan, ensuring seamless collaboration and partnership.
We transcend traditional trade boundaries by communicating the unique lifestyles of both countries through various online platforms and media channels. We also strive to enhance the quality of life for the Taiwanese people and foster greater appreciation for Taiwan among Japanese consumers through our efforts to discover and promote products that elevate “happiness sensitivity.”

Our Business

  • Trading company operating between Taiwan (and Asia) and Japan
  • Export business: Export and sales of Japanese products and raw materials to Taiwan (and other Asian countries)
  • Import and domestic distribution business (from Taiwan to Japan): Import and sales of Taiwanese products and raw materials in Japan

Company Profile

Company Name President Chain Store Tokyo Marketing Corp. (PTM)
Established January 2009
Location Nihonbashi SOYIC Bldg. 4F, 3-11 Koamicho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan
Capital 98 million yen (Wholly owned subsidiary of Uni-President Enterprises, Inc)
Corporate Executives CEO: Satoshi Oka
Chairman Representative Director: Jui-Tien Huang
Director: Yung-Wei Lu
Director: Chin-Fu Wu
Auditor: Hsi-Yung Tsung
Number of Employees Approx. 30